viernes, 10 de febrero de 2017

Skin Jack Baker from Resident Evil 7 - GTA SA

64.874 Vértices 
105.456 Polígonos

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  1. Niiice job man!
    Let me ask you, how did you get the model working in game? Because when i try a model with more than 50.000 vertices the game just crashes while loading. I got the limit adjuster but there's only option to make the polygon limit higher ( i got one model with 110.000 polys working just fine) but if i have more than 50k vertices it just crashes.

    1. Hi brother
      The limit that I have seen of a model working in the game is 65.000 vertices and the DFF file in 5,500 MB
      The trick I used was that this model when I found it had more than 70,000 vertices begins to erase hair from the model to reduce it in less than 65,000 vertices

  2. Hey brother
    Thank you for the fast reply and sorry for my late one, i have been a bit busy these last couple of days.

    oh, so that is it. I didn't know the exactly limit.
    I tried one model with 60k vertices and worked just fine like you said. That's a nice trick, i have been doing something similar, first i delete some itens like bottons of tshirts, body parts that you can't see covered by clothes and the hair parts(they have so many polys/verts).I'll keep testing them :D
    Good luck and keep up your good work :)

    1. Sorry bro
      I forgot to answer
      I wanted to ask you a job
      If you can do a tutorial to make models for xnalara?

  3. MrAndres5555 Me das permiso para subir los skins de re7 a youtube pliss
    respeto tu respuesta:v